Text Box:    	Since December 2007, Am Thai newspaper has been launched with full colour papers, an A3 size format of 20 pages. The quality columnists’ articles are collected by us to be published monthly.  In particular, the papers presents interesting news and useful features each month. The Am Thai newspaper is an open source opportunity for anyone to contribute their opinions (in both Thai and English languages) and participate in our activities, including promoting businesses and helping them to acquire a reputation on the international scene.

  Amthai International Ltd. launches its amthaipaper with an interesting and contemporary presentation style with full-colour on every page in A3-size format. It will be free for everyone. We pay much attention to the mass distributional efficiency and dissemination in an effort to maximise the approaches of our target readers within the UK.

Fri 10– Sat 11 May  2013

Fri 17– Sat 18 May  2013


At Kingston’s Market Place

London  KT1 1JS


The First Thai Newspaper in the UK